Tomadachi Life

This is less a review and more just a place to chronical the adventures of my Miis. I'll give you the review right now; this game is amazing for what it is, I still play it right now and it came out in 2013. Tomadachi life is sort of like those digital pets that were so popular during the 90s, except they're people who live their own little lives and interact with each other and form relationships and they don't die no matter how hungry they get. So if you're into that sort of thing, this is really the best of the bunch.

You start by making your own Mii based on you in the worst way possible. You're supposed to take the 3DS camera, look straight ahead with no makeup or expression, and then based on your face, the game makes a Mii that looks like you. That's why this picture of me is so shitty. I think this is also the first time I ever posted a pic of myself on this sight, so this is also inadvertantly my face reveal. With the worst picture possible that does not appear on a driver's license.

I edited her a little bit to give her lips, glasses, and a fatter body, because those are all things that I have in real life- like I know I ain't got luscious lips but this game did me dirty by having NO lips, like come on. Then went to work filling the island with other Miis. The point of the game after this is to just let them live their lives, so I'm not going to have a whole lot of commentary. If I'm being real honest, the whole point of this page is that the game has a camera system, and I took so many pictures of this game that I ran out of space on my 3DS's SD card, so I had to clear them out, but I didn't want to lose them, so this page will pretty much serve as a documentation of my Mii's living their lives. In addittion, I'm going to replay MiiTopia soon, I think, and I want these Miis in that so that'll be cool.

Pretty soon, parts of the island start opening up, like this clothing store, which lets you buy different clothes and then gift them to your Miis so they can change outfits. Based on their personalities, some will like certain clothes. And once this opens up, sometimes they'll ask for clothes, and sometimes they'll ask for clothes with certain characteristics, which teaches you about their fashion tastes.

This is a location where they go and hang out sometimes, but also, when Mii's level up, which they do by raising their friendship, you can give them items. Sometimes, they'll go to certain locations to use these items. For example, if you give them tennis equipment, sometimes they'll go up on the tower to play tennis.

They start hanging out and forming relationships with each other!

This is an item you can give them, a 'rent-a-dog" coupon. This is kinda weird, like instead of just getting a specific dog, different dogs will come over to that Mii's apartment and hang out. There's a 'rent-a-cat' coupon that works the same way.

If anybody else has the game and wants to play, this is my code!

When you look at the apartment bulding sometimes, you'll see these little symbols, which let you know that one of the Miis either has a problem, or wants to do something.

There's a news station on the island, where a random Mii will act as the anchor and tell a news story. The news stories are often completely buckwild and entertaining.

And they interview islanders who never seem to know what the hell is going on.

Sometimes the Miis will want to play litle minigames with you, and if you win you'll get little trinkets that you can sell at the pawn shop for money.

Every 24 real-time hours, the Miis will line up at the fountain in town and pay taxes to the community, which go to you to like, feed them and buy clothes and interior designs and whatnot.

Every so often the map will tell you that something is going on in particular area, in this case, there was a really, really bad rap battle happening at the fountain.

If you give a Mii a vacation ticket, they'll head off to a location and see the sights! This'll raise their friendship exp and make them happier if they're sad. If they've got a family or close friends, sometimes they'll take them with them.

The photo studio is great and has a lot of backdrops for a variety of situations. It's really fun to play around with.

This game hit me with this while I was actively in a mudslide and it's a really weird coincidence. Like, for real, it was on the national news. A mountain fell on my house. I live in Eastern Kentucky. Look up the 2022 flooding. I didn't have water for literal months and was covered in mud while I watched this segment on the game. That's actually a big part of the reason I started playing handhelds again. No power, water, or internet. I don't know, that's just weird.

That's me. In the darkness. With no power. That's the gleam of my glasses.