Credits for Things Used to Make This Site -This site has lots of adorable graphics including licensed stuff like Studio Ghibli - Chances are, if you see cute pixel art on here and I didn't make it myself, it's from here - They have old web resources and new things created in the oldweb aesthetic

Sad Girl Online - Layout maker, button maker, and also great articles to read

Sleepy Sprout - Cute Buttons and other graphics


17776 - A story that I really love, that purports to be about football, and there is a lot of football in it, but that's not what it's about. I know nothing about football. It's actually a scifi story.

Against an Increasingly User-Hostile Web - A web essay that's worth the read

Cheapskate's Guide to Computers and the Internet - This site has a lot of good information about how to get by on older or lower end machines, as well as a lot of information about the "new" internet.

Hyspace - Hyspace has been archived! It's Myspace, but in Hyrule!

The Indy Web Manifesto - Written in 1997 and strangly still applicable at the time of this writing (2021)

Joan Stark's ASCII Art - Unfortunetly this artist's site is no longer active, but the art itself is really good and has been archived for browsing and viewing

Rediscovering the Small Web - This is both an interesting essay and a collection of great links!

Make Front End Shit Again - Just a cool little page

Mario Paint Guide- A guide that shows you how to make custom artwork using SNES game Mario Paint

Monument Mythos - A really cool analogue horror series that takes place in an alternate reality to our own. If you have time and like horror it's well worth the watch, and I would say that if you like mysteries or art in general it's a great series. James Dean and Rockafeller both are elected president at different times in this universe, and there's something hiding in various US monuments such as the Washington and Lincoln monuments and the statues of Liberty and Freedom. Great series, especially for Americans who are familiar with the various monuments on a personal level!

Neocities Blog: Making the Internet Fun Again- This kind of strikes me as Neocities mission statement

Texture Town This site has both resources for your use, various textures that could be background or used in video games, but also it has a fun little game where you can decorate a 3D space with textures from your PC

Why We All Need to Make the Internet Fun Again- Just a cool essay about how we can take back the web