I have a dream that one day I could become a good enough fantasy writer to pitch my fantasy series to an agent and maybe even become a published author. I'm currently looking for beta readers, to meet this goal.

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So in this place I'll be posting my creative writing projects. I'm a hobbiest right now, but we improve through practice.

My overall goal with my writing is to change the current cultural zeitgeist by presenting various neurodivergencies accurately and respectfully in the context of a fantasy world.

The Crimson Mage

Orenda is a ten-year-old orphan who was raised in a colony of the far-reaching Urilian empire. She's the only fire elf she's ever met, and believes herself to be the long-lost princess of the fire elf kingdom, which is said to have fallen in a single day and night under Urillian control two centuries before our story picks up. When her magical powers begin to manifest, Orenda must navigate the world as it is now to discover the secrets of her past and chart her future.

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